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I’m Alix Riley, yoga teacher and yoga therapist. I teach a very inclusive style of yoga, mainly for Over 50’s and people of any age who prefer a gentle slow moving type of yoga. I really love teaching yoga and also love working one to one to find yogic solutions to health problems for people young and old! The oldest person I have worked with was 98! I have helped people with a variety of health issues from arthritis, scoliosis, heart problems and anxiety, to sciatica, sleeping difficulties, fibromyalgia and depression. I love helping people and empowering them to learn how  to better enjoy their bodies and overcome health issues. There is such a wealth of information in yoga to improve health, flexibility, strength, confidence and fitness, and it all ties together through mindfulness and meditation techniques to bring calm and a peace to the spirit.

Yoga promotes wellbeing through the combined elements of movement, stillness and breathing, in a variety of postures (standing, seated, prone, supine and inverted) which work holistically to improve strength, flexibility, postural alignment, correct functioning of all bodily systems and brings serenity and calm.

Yoga classes for the over fifties..

If you are interested in improving your wellbeing, general health and vitality, fitness, strength and flexibility then yoga may be what you are looking for.  My classes are gentle, flowing and fairly easy. I encourage students to discover their own inner guru, and to be guided from their own experience.  They are then able to moderate the exercises to suit themselves, finding what works for them in a creative way.  The classes  generally start and end with a period of stillness and silence for relaxation meditation and breathing. 

The middle section usually moves through exercises on the floor, in seated, prone and supine, to inversions, twists and balances, to standing poses and walking meditation. The pace is  generally very gentle with transitions slowly from one position to another.  My aim is to give a total workout in a very gentle manner, achieving a peace, balance and inner harmony along the way.

Thanks again for another useful lesson.  I genuinely appreciate the time and effort you put into planning and demonstrating, and I'm sure your regulars do too.  It would be very easy for me to just slop about at the moment, so I'm lucky you've given me the opportunity to explore a fresh aspect of yoga. - Jeremy Parsons

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